S.O.S. (Second Opinion Service)

A Second Opinion Could be a Wise Move.

A Second Opinion Could be a Wise Move.

When someone experiences a serious health event, they often get a second opinion. But when it comes to our financial lives, we may not realize it if there's a problem. Maybe you're wondering, "Could I be doing better?" "Am I taking too much risk?" "Am I paying too much in fees or in taxes?" "Will I have enough to retire?" Or perhaps you'd just like some confirmation that your current investment plan is on the right track. Either way, a second opinion often makes sense. Complete the S.O.S. application today, and we'll reach out to you to schedule your free consultation.

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Two Questions Most Investors Ask:

1. "What can I do to protect my money when the market tanks?"

2. "How can I make more money?"

In our one-hour S.O.S. meeting, we will discuss your goals and long-term financial plan. We will also review your investments to make sure you're on track. You will receive a customized Portfolio Gap Analysis Report that will help you more clearly see where you are right now vs. where you could be, including opportunities you might be missing.

If you are in good financial shape with your existing plan, we will gladly tell you and confirm you're on track. If, on the other hand, your Portfolio Gap Analysis Report shows some deficiencies, you'll receive an explanation and a discussion of possible solutions.

* To qualify, you must be referred from a professional advisor (e.g. CPA or attorney), or from an existing client of Palmetto Coast.

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